Let's talk... Packaging!

Let's talk... Packaging!


You may or may not be aware that it is 'Plastic Free July'! There have been a lot of posts in the world of social media, speaking out about plastic pollution and the negative impact it is having on the environment and our planet as a whole. 

"Plastic packaging plays an important role in protecting goods as they move through the economy and importantly, in reducing food waste and it's climate impact."

This may surprise you, but our packaging is, in fact PLASTIC! It is made from recycled plastic and once used, can be recycled again. As a company which prides ourselves on being eco-friendly and with sustainability at the heart of our business, we have explored using paper and cardboard materials when packaging and posting our products. However, during this trial we found that paper did not withstand certain weathers when out for delivery and we cannot risk our products being damaged while in transit. A lot of our customers buy multiple products at a time, and the packages deemed too heavy for paper to be used and this is why the decision was made to go back to using plastic. 


"The current plastics system is failing. Our throwaway culture has led to increasing levels of plastic waste in our natural environment." 

This is why, we feel it is important to encourage our customers to either recycle the plastic packaging after receiving their parcel, or to reuse the packaging. There are multiple ways in which our packaging can be reused: 

1. Can be used when sending out packages of your own. This not only enables the packaging to be used multiple times however, it is also a good way of saving money on buying packaging yourself. 

2. The bags can be used for storing small products or as produce bags when doing food shopping and buying loose fruit/vegetables. 

3. They are the perfect size to be used as bathroom bin liners or Airport toiletry bags. 

If you are one of our customers reading this, we would love to hear how you may have reused our packaging! 

Research shows that "significant improvements have been made by local authorities, the recycling industry and other parts of the supply chain towards achieving a circular economy for plastics. 

Over the past five years, there has been a sharp increase in plastic bottle recycling, the introduction of mixed plastics recycling collections by the majority of local authorities and light-weighting of plastic packaging by brands and retailers. However, more needs to be done." 

We are always thinking about ways in which we can improve how we do things and therefore, are always open minded about the packaging which we use, but for now we have found something which works well for us and our customers. 

We will never live in a world where plastic doesn't exist, it isn't all bad, it just needs to be used and recycled responsibly. 

We would love to hear about things you do in your lives, to be mindful of your plastic consumption. 

Thanks for reading, 

Lily & Oscar


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