Supporting Other Small Sustainable Businesses

Supporting Other Small Sustainable Businesses

We really and truly believe in the importance of supporting other small, sustainable businesses. 

The more people that shop with environmentally friendly products in mind, the larger the positive impact we have on our suffering planet. 

The community of small businesses, who have similar, if not the same ethics as us, is such a supportive one - because we have a big job competing with large retailers and supermarkets, it is so nice to be able to help other businesses out where possible - the more exposure for our little indie businesses, the better. 

I would like to share with you, two of the businesses that caught my eye recently. It genuinely makes me do a happy dance, when I see preloved, eco-friendly products in shops, especially shops that are run by other owners who are passionate about the planet. 

I came across Support Local Pop Up, in Tunbridge Wells, last month when I was shopping in Royal Victoria Place. I used to love shopping however, these days I am put off by huge consumerism and our obsession with having everything new and buying unnecessarily... But it was somewhere different to walk around with my toddler which was warm, dry and inside, with lots to look at! What a rainy, grey summer we have had here in the UK! 

Everything in the shop was pleasing to the eye and I was so impressed when I saw a corner section of the shop dedicated to preloved clothes. There were adults clothes, as well as children's, baby's and shoes.

The excitement is real, when it is obvious that someone is as enthusiastic about secondhand clothing as we are! It can't just be me that feels this way! 

We were tempted by the pink shiny boots for our nearly 2 year old, but decided against them, as she definitely doesn't need any more shoes. 

Here are some of the other gorgeous products they had for sale (I'm a sucker for a ceramic!) 


The Support Local Pop Up have a virtual pop up every Friday and a monthly membership - see below for ways in which you can find out more!
Instagram: @supportlocalpopup


The Bazaar in Forest Row, is the other business I wanted to rave about. It is a space for artisans to share their treasures with the local community and avid walkers, exploring at the weekend. The Bazaar offers a hot desking service, a hairdressers, Monmouth coffee, delicious cakes, art, plants, jewellery, PRELOVED CLOTHING and much much more. 

We stopped for coffee and a bite to eat, but I was drawn in by their beautiful secondhand Scandinavian children's clothing stall. Scandi clothes for kids can be expensive, especially as they are not in them for very long! Therefore, buying secondhand is the savvy (and sustainable) choice to make. 

The clothes are all really reasonably priced and in 'like new' condition. If you are local, it is definitely worth a visit.
Facebook: @frowbazaar

It is great to see more and more of these businesses popping up all over the place. I really do think people are trying to make more of a conscious effort to be more sustainable. 

We would love to hear about any of your favourite small sustainable businesses and would be interested in hearing anywhere you would recommend. 

As always, thanks for reading! 

Lily and Oscar x


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