Why is there bobbling on my clothes and how to fix them...

Why is there bobbling on my clothes and how to fix them...

Have you ever put on your favourite piece of clothing only to find it covered in seemingly endless and impossible to remove bobbles?

It’s a situation that we can all relate to. But is there any way to get rid of all those annoying fuzz balls that are making your clothes look past their best?

Better yet, is there a way to somehow prevent them from popping up altogether?

The answer is YES, YES and YES!

Any fabric can bobble. The fibres in your clothes stretch and break as a result of the friction either rubbing against themselves while you’re wearing them or against other fabrics during washing and drying. The worst hit areas tend to be the underarm area and the side of jumpers and cardigans; the parts that receive the most abrasion in day to day wear.

The most bobble prone fabrics are wool, cotton, polyester and nylon, while linen and silk are generally safe from bobbling.

Synthetic fabrics, especially blended materials with multiple types of fibres, are more likely to result in bobbling than pure, natural fabrics, like wool and cotton. Looser weaved fabrics are also more prone to bobbling.

It’s perfectly normal for the fibres to be pulled out of your clothes, and there is little you can do to stop bobbling completely. BUT there's good news...we've compiled some of our top tips for limiting the amount of bobbles to keep your clothes looking their best...

⭐️Use a gentle liquid detergent - powdered detergents can rub against the fabrics while washing  - more friction = more bobbles!

⭐️ Wash your clothes inside out - this means the bobbles will be more likely to form on the inside of your clothes instead

⭐️ Separate the fabrics before washing - this stops the harder fabrics rubbing against the softer fabrics

⭐️ Don’t overload the washing machine - too many clothes rubbing together means more bobbles

⭐️ Wash on a short delicate cycle - less spinning means less friction

⭐️ Air-dry your clothes - the heat and friction from the tumble dryer causes more bobbling 

We often receive clothes that have so much life left in them, but they have bobbles in places. We use the electric Philips Fabric Shaver to remove these as we find it to be the easiest and quickest way to keep our clothes looking great for longer. 





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